Random Ink

Ink has always been a metaphor for the indelible imprint of the human thought processes. The random strokes, ligatures and cursive scripts lend themselves a free reign within the restricted bounds of expressive space.

RandomInk began as a nebulous idea to provide a forum for free exchange of ideas and a place to interact. It began to take shape when a domain of discussion had been conceived, yet paradoxically, the rigid determinism was discarded once the structure was in place. RandomInk thus aims to provide a whiteboard – a discussion house and perhaps with the passage of time something more.

The Members behind RandomInk are involved in the Free/Open Source Software Movement, being part of various groups and organizations involved in the same. But the vision for this space is not limited to the 'software' part in 'Free Software'. It attempts to gauge and measure the various ramifications and connotations of the 'free' aspect of 'freedom'. Discussions tend to theme around the epistemology of the word, the democratic principles and the economic mandates that drives social interactions.

Currently, it has Planet FLOSS India. Based on the concept of aggregating newsfeeds from those who write about, develop in and in general believe in the Free/Open Source Movement, Planet FLOSS India is a mirror into the paradigm of software development that is slowly but surely making vital inroads on the Indian software mien.

Blogs@RandomInk presents the public blog space on RandomInk. Allowing the viewer to create an account and thus put up various threads of conversation, Blogs@RandomInk is the preliminary form of the core idea of RandomInk.

The Mailing Lists are currently not been utilized and RandomInk is on the lookout for proposals which require a mailing list to be put in place.